Welcome to the Indiana County Chapter of A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania

We are an Association of riders who protect ALL riders’ rights, donate to local charities, and educate the public.  

We are NOT a single brand club and have active members riding bikes from American, European, and Japanese makers.  Cruisers, sport bikes, dual sports, even naked bikes.  We have riders with long hair and bushy beards to very short hair and no facial hair, men and women, young and old.  Our riders come from all walks of life; bankers, farmers, woodworkers.  But our common passion is motorcycling.  We have “charity” rides, fun-runs, political awareness rides, but most fun is just an ad-hock, let’s go for a ride.  Where?  Make a left at the first intersection, go a ways, then turn (left or right, don’t matter).  Maybe end up getting some groceries and having a picnic.  Maybe sight seeing.  Maybe…

Main charitable organizations that we support are Camp Orenda – a special needs summer camp; Toys for children at Indiana hospital; Family Promise, helping families to go from homeless to self-supporting members of the community, and others.

Education opportunities are the Operation Save A Life presentation that is offered to non-motorcycle riders, be they taking a defensive driving course, driver’s ed in high school, or any organization that wishes to hear this safety presentation.

There is something for everyone!

Want to learn more about any of those activities, contact us.  Better yet -> Come join us! *** Contact us for more info!